Penang Animal Welfare Society (4PAWS) is a registered non-profit dog rescue organisation founded by animal lover and advocate, Barbara Janssen.

The aim of the society is to provide a home for stray and abandoned dogs in Penang where we are able to provide care and rehabilitation until they find their permanent homes.

The society has a no kill policy and provides continued care for animals whose age or disability may make them less likely to be adopted.

There are currently over 620 dogs in our care at Teluk Bahang. All of the dogs have been found on the streets of Penang. Many are puppies where their mothers were unable to care for their young, dogs that were abandoned by their owners or have been injured in road accidents or those that left to die from severe wounds.

Our hope is that through paper writer the society we are able to contribute to the management of the stray dog population in Penang and give these beautiful animals the love and happy life they deserve.



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