In 2005 I moved to Penang from Hamburg with plans for a quiet retirement. I bought a nice apartment and soon after rescued my first two stray dogs. I become increasingly aware of the severity of the stray dog problem in Penang, an issue I’d not come across in Germany.

After rescuing a third dog  I soon realised that apartment living was no longer suitable to a life in Penang with dogs. I sold my apartment and moved into the first of many rental landed properties. Over the next four years my furry family increased from three to 24 dogs.

Finally in 2010, I was shown a property that could put an end to my problems with neighbours and be a long term residence for my dogs and I. The house for rent had no doors or windows and was full of rubbish. A good friend helped me see the vision for what the property could be in the future.

Saving abandoned dogs from the streets and helping them find a loving home is one of the most meaningful and rewarding experiences I’ve had. It was a proud moment when 4PAWS officially become a registered charity in 2011. 4PAWS is not-for-profit so becoming a registered charity means I’m able to accept donations from generous contributors that helps me rescue and re-home more dogs.

My dream is that one day 4PAWS will own the house and land so the property can become a permanent sanctuary for stray and abandoned dogs in Penang.



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