It is with greatest pleasure that we would like to announce that 4PAWS is awarded the Tax Exempt Status in accordace with Section 44(6) of the Income Tax Act, 1967 with effect from 15 June 2016. All cash donation to 4PAWS will qualify for reduction in taxable income of the donors.


Direct Deposit

You can donate by depositing an amount directly into our account:
Bank: Maybank (MALAYAN BANKING BERHAD) , Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia
Account Name: Penang Animal Welfare Society (4PAWS)
Account Number: 507143333153 (SWIFT CODE: MBBEMYKLBWC)

Reference: Your name

Donors are kindly requested to fill up the 4PAWS Donors Information Form, in order to assist easier tracking of their donation.


Donate Via Paypal 

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to accept donation via official 4PAWS' Paypal account! For our overseas supporters, we are very happy to inform you that our Paypal account is available and your kind contribution for the furry kids can be made via: Paypal to : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Donate Item

If you live in Penang, and are unable to make a monetary donation, here’s a list of items you might have lying around that could really help us at the shelter:

  • Dog beds, sheets, blankets, towels.
  • Leashes, collars, harnesses and muzzles.
  • Food. All our dogs are fed a diet of dry kibble and rice. We appreciate donation of dog food as we have over 620 dogs to feed, there is no particular brand requirement for the food.
  • Grooming supplies, particularly shampoo to keep our dogs clean and free from infection and nasties like fleas and ticks.
  • Flea, tick and working treatment.
  • Toys. Whether it be a Kong, a dental bone, a tennis ball. Even some cuddly toys that your child has now outgrown could be great for dog.
  • Cleaning Products including washing powder/liquid, floor cleaner and bleach,

If you’re unable to make it to our shelter, please contact us and we may be able to arrange a volunteer to collect your donation.


Donate Your Skills

You all have special skills and businesses. Perhaps you are a vet that can offer discounted services, could have a collection box at your café or donate a portion of your profits on a selected day. Maybe you like to take photos or you want to help cleaning, showering the dogs and playing with them. Please contact us if you think you may be able to assist or volunteer.


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